“Amrit has this uncanny knack of making you at ease. You approach him with problems; you come out with oodles of solution. Amrit breathes optimism. I’ve known him for 10 years now and when he had this idea of counseling I was fortunate enough to be on his list of people he wanted to seek ideas from. I visited him expecting a brainstorming session of collecting information and ideas along the way. One thing led to another and I opened out my heart to him. The impression he made to me was profound. This was the first time in years I met him after he came back from New Zealand completing his degree in IT. And the way he went about giving me advice on some stuff that was bothering me had me hooked for over an hour. I asked him how come a technical guy has so much to offer as a counselor, has newfound ambition in life to help others. Then I learned that he had been going about his task for quite some time now, spending countless hours listening to motivational speakers and reading every book he could find on the subject of self-help. I came out from his office invigorated. It was as if all the potential energy that was in my reservoir eager to get converted into kinetic energy urging me to start doing something immediately, take action in life. I wish him good luck in his incessant effort to bring smiles to the saddened hearts, fill optimism in pessimistic minds, give purpose to aimless wanderers, and give proper career advice to the confused yet ambitious soul. Meet this guy once is what I suggest.”

Bhaskar Joshi

The question which arose in my mind before the counseling session was, “Why should I take this counseling session even when I was feeling OK with whom I was. Usually, we think that but now I feel, I was wrong in my own perception. I had visited Mr. Amrit’s office to talk with him about little confusion which I had on my mind. He gave me lots of good advice on how to make a great carrier ahead for my life; helped me to find answers to different corners of myself which I was unaware of before meeting him. It takes a lot of strength and courage to tell about personal struggles of life but on that day we shared all our life experiences. He taught me the skills to develop my self-confidence, making better decisions, the value of one decision, how it can change our life, how to think to lead a more satisfying and fulfilling life. What I learned is not just the point but what I got to embrace for my life feels different, a good experience to look my whole life in a different approach. Thanks to you for all the good you have poured into my life.

Sujan Shrestha

Sometimes when we feel really stuck it just takes motivation to generate Powerful Action. “Choose a job you love & you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” This was what I learned from my life. So I started to work for my dream job, which was to be a Flight Attendant. People did not understand my Dream. Trying to live my dream was not easy. At the very time, when I was all alone, even I was stepping back being scared about my decision in life. “All you need in this life is ignorance & confidence to follow your dream then success is for sure. I was born to fly. That’s why no other pieces of stuff could tie me. I couldn’t concentrate on anything but only being a Flight Attendant. The gravity of the earth no longer tied me to the place where I stood. It was Amrit’s motivation and the hard dedication that held me here now. Thank you, Amrit!!!

Shristi Rajopadhyay

When a person is going through his life without any obstacles, he assumes and thinks his dream is about to be real but when he gets hit by a stone once, one failure in life can bring him down. There is a possibility he may remain stationary of the pain and get diverted into many absurd directions. I was one among many who was feeling sad but it was Mr. Amrit who helped me to come out of that situation. Thank you, for teaching me my valuable lessons, in every journey of life there are as many objectives missed as there is objective gained. It was you who made me realize that obstacles are there to teach us lessons about the realities of life placed across our path in life not to be boggled at but to be surmounted. And thanks from bottom of my heart for teaching me to believe in myself even if anyone does not and making me hopeful that my dreams are possible. Wish you LUCK ahead and keep the good work going, “Helping many students like me.” Best Wishes!!

Niskarsha Subedi

Firstly, the sessions have changed my thought process in a better way. Before I only used to look at the thought and saying of great personality people but after the teaching session, I learned to implement them in real life. Secondly, this society and their thought process were keeping me suppressed from the inside, which would have never let me grow towards my own path but now I feel more confident. Finally, we should know and understand our talent, passion, and what we love to do. All was confusion, a mesh in my mind in past but the counseling session really worked for me to find solutions and choose the right path. Thanks to Mr. Amrit Shrestha for your advice!

Dipesh Khadgi

To the man who saves the day for me. It’s awesome to know that there is another human as crazy as me. Maybe a little bit crazier than me. When I see you constantly pushing hard towards no limits that you and your desires have set for yourself, it gives me the courage to not stop on my way too. Thank you for making me fall in love with what I do again and also reminded me of what got me to choose what I did in the first place. Times came when situations tend to break what was left of the will in me to push forward, the hope you bestowed on me I owe some part to you.  Just wanted to say thank you Amrit brother to let me know I am not alone.

Arun Thapa

“Sometimes all you need is someone to tell you that it’s not the end that you deserve better and you have to fight for it and stand up even if someone knocks you down. There were moments in my life when I was confused and I was questioning my ability. You were the one who helped me get through it, you encouraged me and it was you who made me realize that I was worth priceless. Do what you do the best, Inspire People, Inspire Possibility!!! Good wishes from Annie.

Annie Amatya

You inspired me to write daily journals, and the feeling is beyond what I can imagine, just love your work, your word truly amazes me every time, and you are the one who gave good thoughts to my mind. It was something that I was searching for and you showed me the path, now it’s my turn to make my dream come true one day. Yes, it’s true, that if we can find passion and love our work if we are to do it with sincerity, and try to make it perfect, it’s amazing when passion comes into my hand, it’s just beyond imagination. Thank you!

Shradha Bhattarai

It made me realize and think about dreams and other element there!! I got to know about all about dreams and your inspiration Scott Dinsmore, founder of worldwide community of passionate people, LiveYourLegend. I got to know more about what actually is passion and dream!! After reading, it made me more curious and interested to explore more about what actually dream and passion is all about and how can we take out our 100% to achieve that goal. I salute you and your team work for opening this grammar platform for youngsters like us. I am eagerly waiting to explore more with you.

Fernando DE Idebus 

I was a dreamer and I am a dreamer but the day after I visited All About Dream, I realized, I was not just a dreamer but a creative dreamer. Realizing who you are, and being you is the most important lesson I’ve learned here. Good to meet motivating and inspiring people here in Creative Dreamers Land.

Milan Shrestha