My name is Amrit Lal Shrestha an inhabitant of Kathmandu valley, a business professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Kathmandu Engineering College, Kalimati, Kathmandu, and a Graduate Diploma in Computing specialized in networking from UNITEC, Auckland, New Zealand.

I am on my mission to become a transformational speaker and a social entrepreneur. I have been guiding and motivating a team of youths, professionals, and business people with advice for a better path to their personal excellence and professional growth. I am a self-development course writer, reader, student of life, and global citizen. I love to share what I learn as; counselor for the ones who are seeking a piece of good career advice for a purposeful life shift. I am passionately obsessed with my personal improvement and committed to enabling people to discover their own path to personal and career success on their own terms, through learning and doing something about it.

I believe, “Business is not a job we do to earn money but a lifelong commitment to serving others by doing the work we love. I value and focus on staffs personal skill development, communication and interaction to maintain a good vibration in the office environment.”

For the past 6 years, after I came back from New Zealand, I have been totally on my own following my dreams, adding value to life, and doing the best to keep the human spirit alive. I share my views with anyone who loves to listen. I feel happy helping my friends and friends of friends or even the occasional perfect stranger when someone is considering a more purposeful life shift. It lights a fire inside me like nothing else.


Would you believe if I say that the knowledge and lessons which seem considerably valuable in my life were grasped and learnt beyond formal education? Yes, my actual education started in an unusual way leading to an unusual experience of life.


“Work without fun and a career without passion and progress is waste of time; change the world by doing the work you love.”

“A successful life is one that is lived through understanding and pursuing one’s own path, not chasing after the dreams of others.” – Chin-Ning-Chu

The quotes which I have mentioned above sum up to my motto of life pretty well and how I live my every day, making a positive difference to the lives of ones in need. I believe in possibility and believe the living a dream is possible. I prefer to test that theory out instead of taking it for granted.

A good career and a secure future are what every man dreams of in his life. As far as I have understood education and career goes hand in hand, a good educational qualification always serves to be a good pathway to pursue a great career. If a person is well educated, success is not that far from his hands, sooner or later it is definite. Education not only makes people educated but also grooms an individual in many ways; it builds confidence, offers him a good career path, builds rationality, develops status, allows working in the field he enjoys, and also helps to earn success in life.

Like most of us, I was not amongst the bright students during my student life, yet I was chasing a degree. I was average, just getting by with studies learning and following what was being taught, and getting along with pursuing a degree which was thought to be the only key to live an enriched life. The dream life, which everyone wishes to turn into reality, and I was one amongst them taking what life put forward in front of me on my way.

It was a cool experience going with the flow, embracing changes, learning new things, getting international standard education, earning a degree, working for different organizations, meeting new people, adapting to new environments, learning new thoughts, embracing changes, traveling to new places, living in new places, but still life was a mystery. Now, looking back to the life I lived so far, I see and realize that it has been a journey with many phases which I got to embrace to be who I am and helped me to identify what I needed to do next.

I completed my Graduate Diploma in Computing majoring in Networking from UNITEC, Auckland, New Zealand in the year 2012. My study in New Zealand served to be a milestone for my educational career, I got the opportunity to study in one of the most prestigious institutions and explore the benefit of pursuing an internationally renowned educational degree. The education system, practices, and technology implemented in the New Zealand education system were very innovative and research-based.  The course design was far more advanced, technical, and interactive; practical based that provided more hands-on experience than the one followed in my nation. I also acquired the opportunity to understand more about the culture, system, mindset, working practices adopted in developed countries. It also helped me to groom myself with the skills required to earn a self-independent life on an international platform.

Apart from my study in New Zealand and talking about my educational background from Nepal, I completed my Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Kathmandu Engineering College (KEC) in 2010 majoring in Optical Fiber and Biomedical Instrumentation. I finished my Higher Secondary Education at Kathmandu Institute of Science and Technology studying science in 2003 and a School Leaving Certificate from South Point Boarding High School in 2001.

After completing my studies in New Zealand I returned back to Nepal on 29th July 2013 and the rest of the story is a mystery my life made me solve for myself. The knowledge and lessons which seem considerably valuable in my life were grasped and learned beyond my formal education. Yes, my actual education started in an unusual way leading to an unusual experience of life.

My journey to new life started on the 26th of December 2013 in an unusual way and it’s over 6 years now since I started the search to live a new life. I was walking on my path to living the world shown to me by my surrounding until one day I found something very precious hidden in the puzzles of life. The secret was simple, Start Searching! Simple as that and the search began. It was then when my life started to crave a new meaning to life itself. Since then, I have held my heart strong and have learned to train my own mind to do the good required, to be where I need to be, living my dreams!!! What I believe is the more we learn, the more we are able to make progress in ourselves every day. “Learning is the path to gaining understanding and gaining understanding is wisdom.”

I’ve embarked upon a path less travel in my quest to searching, discovering, and embracing the unknowns! Life is more amusing when it is filled with challenges, downfalls; I take it as opportunities and a challenge to some extent to grow, become stronger and make progress in myself every day. I’m a firm believer in what the Japanese believe in a philosophy called ‘kaizen’, a rough translation in English would be ‘CANEI’, an acronym of sorts to constant and never-ending improvement. Each day, improve yourself by a small margin. It’s a marvelous experience that one can find if he commits to a lifelong journey of self-improvement and a stirring soul search once in a while.

One of my core beliefs is that if you are doing what you feel you’re meant to do in this world and adding value to society, the world will be better for it and you will be rewarded. I’m in no hurry. For now, my time, my mind, and my heart are mines. I am still a student of life, yet exploring the new and trying to embrace the unknown. I don’t know much about life but I do know that there is always a choice to make life better and be strong to fight through every odd and challenge that life put forward in our path. LIFE IS A JOURNEY, A DREAM, AND A PATH.

Work Experiences

Nepal Institute of Maritime Studies
Business Development Manager
Projects: Ship captain foundation courses in Nepal with internship in Dubai, Malaysia & Iran, and STCW course.

National Aviation Academy
Business Development Manager / Marketing Manager
Projects: Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Air Hostess Training, Aviation, Travel & Hospitality.

Management Institute for National Development 
Position: Business Head- IETs (International Employability Training)
Projects: AdvancED, QualityKG, IET, MCMF.

Ved International Education Consultancy
Business Development Manager
Projects: Study in Australia, New Zealand, USA.

Hub Intl Education Consultancy 
Marketing Manager
Projects: Study in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada, India & Ireland.

Strengths & Talents:
Creativity, imagination, achiever, focused, futuristic, idealistic, learner, positivity, responsibility, strategic, organizing, planning, motivator, activator.

Research Topics & Interest:
Talents, Passion, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Power of Sub-Conscious Mind, Cosmic Energy, Laws of Universe, Energy, Frequency & Vibration, 2% Mindset, Business Brand Building, Billionaire’s Advices, and Religion & Spirituality.

Richard Branson, Napoleon Hill, Steve Job, Nikola Tesla, Sadh Guru, Elon Musk, Scott Dinsmore, Paulo Coelho and many more.

Sketching,  Blogging, Reading Novel (non-fiction/self-help), Photography, Graphic Designing, Travelling, Cooking, and Social Media.